Friday, May 23, 2014

MJStack -> MJProf

Two months ago I have started the MJStack project (see previous blog post). This project continues to evolve (I am getting help from anatmaor@github). As time passes   I have  realised  at some point that this is turning into a sampling profiler so I have decided to rename the project into mjprof.

So what is new ?

First of all data source concept. MJStack collected its data from standard input only. MJProf can   collect stack dumps via invocation of JStack, via JMX (including remote JMX), from standard input and directly from a file. Since mjprof is extensible via plugins you can add additional data sources.

In addition merging of stack traces (into profiles) can be done over time based on thread id.

This is a great leap forward. I will appreciate your feedback and contribution.
Stay tuned and
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