Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thread Top

I have finally found time to write a small tool which can help profiling Java applications.
Its name is threadTop and it connects to your application via JMX.
It can measure

  •   thread contention 
  •   thread CPU usage
I think it can be very useful when combined with jstack.
Waiting for your feedback :


Sindri said...

I made a similar thing a few months ago: https://bitbucket.org/sindrit/jtop

Although mine is quite primitive and has no real options, just spits out a list of threads ordered by CPU usage. It did help resolve the issue I was having at the time though.

Two people having the same idea means it's a good one right?

Lifey said...

Sindri,I agree. It makes sense to have such a tool. Note that the tool I wrote can also collect thread contention.

Lifey said...

I also plan to integrate it into VisualVM when I will have time.....

Lifey said...

Added ability to connect via attach API to a pid directly