Friday, July 3, 2009

BTrace session slides

BTrace session is over.
I worked very hard preparing it though I think I needed more time for working on the running examples and integrating them seamlessly with the presentation.
It was a fascinating experience for me.It is the first time for me that I am arranging a public session and I am sure that more will come.
37 Attendees(out of max 50 available seats) two and a half hours of covering BTrace.
The responses were very positive. People were very enthusiastic about the tool.
I have published the slides of two presentations from the event in my web site:
The participants of the event are entitled to participate in a lottery upon submitting a final exercise!


killbulle said...

your btrace links are broken,
thanks for your great blog

Lifey said...

Thanks killbulle ...
It is an unfortunate consequence of rebranding from scalablej to Performize-IT
Just fixed....