Sunday, May 31, 2009

JDK 1.6.0_14

Well it appears that this revision is not a one to ignore if you care about performance (and you have the guts of an early adapter:-) The "small" revision update is not small at all and contains 3 important performance improvements:
1. The long anticipated G1 garbage collector
2. Escape analysis
3. Compressed OOPs

I will elaborate on these features in my next posts.... for now you may look at

What does this say about JDK1.7 ? Down porting features before 1.7 is released...... makes you wonder is 1.7 going to be Sun's Vista?


Eyal said...


You forgot to mention that in order to use the G1 in production you have to pay for it :-(


Lifey said...

Well this is quite shocking.....
They either want to control the number of early adopters who use this GC algorithm or Oracle state of mind is already in there.
I will not recommend using this in production anyway in the near future.So lets hope that it will become free to use soon.....

Daniel Pfeifer said...
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Daniel Pfeifer said...

Two thoughts:

1.) Escape Analysis has been (to my knowledge) there for a long time (unless they introduced more advanced algorithm...?)

2.) The G1 GC does _Not_ require you to pay for it, however, they would like you to pay for it so they can give you support with this (still) experimental feature. Read for a clarification.

Eyal said...


they updated the release notes following the debate and the reaction
of the community.


Lifey said...

At least they react to community in a timely fashion :-)