Thursday, June 19, 2008

TSSJS day 1

A: Beautiful

B: Who?

A: The City.

B: Which city?

A: Prague

B: So why don’t you say Prague? Why are you going around and around?

A: Well, since I have got here I have an unstoppable urge to stroll in the beautiful streets.

B: So why don’t you?

A: Well....

I have landed in Prague Yesterday in 08:45 directly into the conference. (Comment: Try to avoid these scenarios as much as you can, I have been dead tired all day long). To the conference I have arrived two hours late and missed the first two sessions :-(.

While I really want to share as much knowledge as I can I am reluctant of writing long descriptions and summaries on sessions. A lecture heard can enlighten one’s mind but it is hard to transfer the essence of this enlightenment to a blog . Therefore, I am going to share with you a single most important piece of information I took with me from sessions.

The two most effective sessions I did attend on day 1 are (Drums !!!!):

Monitoring Management and Troubleshooting in the Java SE6 Platform

Jean-Francois Denis from SUN gave a very interesting session on JDK 6 new JMX abilities and tools. The lecture which started with the very basics did move to more advanced issues. The most useful piece of information from my point of view is the VisualVM. A real open source lightweight Java profiler!!

Java Performance Tooling

Dr Holly Cummins from IBM is a very colorful person and a funny lecturer. She gave a nice introductory session on performance troubleshooting. Holly exposed me to the term ‘lock-bound’ which is a brilliant terminology for saying ‘Well we use locking mechanism extensively and there is a lot of contention on these locks… this is why our application sucks’. From this lecture I am have learned that IBM have set of nice free tools which one can use even if he is not using IBM JVM.Follow this link for more information.

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